Humans should be human: Creative, conversational, problem solving, building and sustaining relationships and innovating. That is what gives us happiness as stake holders in our roles as internal customers and service providers to external customers. Yet mundane, repetitive tasks take much joy out of our day to day professional lives, leaving us less productive and hence unhappy. Is there a solution that can free us from mundane tasks, enabling us to give and receive better experience and being more productive, both as employees and internal customers? All this in that inimitable human style – being conversational.

So, we founded Actionable Science to work with you to make this happen. We create Virtual Assistants that provide conversational issue management for you HR, IT and Customer Service needs amongst others. Our conversational Chatbots and LiveChat are powered by dynamic knowledge management and ticketing system, creating a self-learning ecosystem to deliver ‘first time right’ auto-resolution of 40% or more service issues. The result - superior employee experience, higher productivity and better decision making, all leading to business agility that makes our companies an enriching place to be!

That means the humans in IT, HR and customer service teams have more time for the fun stuff. And, users are delighted because they easily get the information they want securely, receive the service they need, benefit from proactive insights, and interact with more empowered humans on their support teams.

This puts us all on the path to the Happiness Economy!