Agent challenges and AI

Your agents need access to lots of information – policy, procedure, guides, manuals and so on. Today they hunt for the right information on intranet, printouts, email alerts, manuals and so on – while your customer is waiting. Solve this by deploying Emma as your agent assist.

Our AI powered virtual IT assistant can change that and deliver

Save Several Minutes Per Call.

Make New Agents productivity Faster.

Keep Information Fresh And Accurate.

Emma can assist your agents in many ways

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Natural language interface to ask questions

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Byte size to-the-point relevant answers in 1 second or less

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Inbuilt knowledgebase to unify all needed information

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Instant feedback to experts on what information is missing or not useful

Emma has amazing out of the box features & strengths

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Advanced Knowledge Management System

Our twitter age, AI enabled KM system is unique and powerful and will help reduce Auto-resolution rate.

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In-Built Ticketing System

Highly configurable built-in ticketing system natively integrated with VA.

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Ability to Learn

Our virtual assistants can learn! A failed conversation is an opportunity them to learn.

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AI + Human model

AI and humans need to work together in harmony to resolve issues. Our virtual assistants are built with features like "escalation to humans" and "live chat" to make that happen.

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Sophisticated process automation

An process orchestration engine that can manage business processes across days, touching multiple teams and systems and making process autonomous.

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Inbuilt Case Management

Highly configurable case management is super easy for users and intelligent for support teams - saving time and money.

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Premier Edition

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  • Emma Virtual Assistant to answer user questions using natural language
  • In built AI-powered “living knowledgebase”
  • Ability to manage and expand knowledgebase
  • Advanced personalization of knowledge
  • Dashboard with useful insights into agent needs
  • Mobile App
  • Ability to train and improve Emma performance
  • Full auditability
  • Single Sign On
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Enterprise Edition

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Everything in premier plus

  • Automation of common and repetitive tasks
  • Inbuilt ticketing system or integration with external ticketing
  • Ability to do real time escalation to other team members
  • Integration with other enterprise applications
  • Custom analytics
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