Hosted on Microsoft Azure and leveraging Microsoft NLP - Virtual people platform is an amazingly comprehensive and affordable platform to deploy. Its advanced "process aware" capabilities are unique - and allow it to execute more complex work orchestration as compared to any other product in the industry

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Actionable Science has a simple mission – to create industry’s best and most comprehensive cognitive automation platform. A Platform that can auto resolve more of user’s tasks and that is easy to use and affordable to operate.

We accomplish this by marrying knowledge automation with process automation

platformKnowledge platform platformProcess platform platformHighest levels of automation

We also provide the most comprehensive platform with our industry leading Talk-Think-Act framework

Highest level of Automation in an AI+Human model

Our Virtual People are cognitive agents who come ready to handle user needs from intake to action. Powered by the latest AI and technologies, they are designed to TALK-THINK-ACT.

  • end-to-end assistance

    TALK-Better user communication through specialized NLU

  • end-to-end assistance

    THINK-Personalized interactions through continuous machine learning

  • end-to-end assistance

    ACT-More efficient business process execution using RPA

Overview and flow of AI Products James and Vera for human IT and HR team.

Platform features

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Powerful Living Knowledgebase

  • Byte size nuggets of knowledge delivered on demand using AI
  • Full lifecycle management – create through publish
  • NLP training to improve performance
  • Advanced data driven knowledge personalization
  • Ability to identify knowledge gaps and address real time
  • Team engagement to grow and manage knowledge
  • Tools to keep knowledge fresh
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Advanced Process Automation Engine

  • End to end process management over days or weeks
  • Automate routine tasks – sending emails, creating documents, eSignature
  • SLA management
  • Integrate with multiple systems to automate end to end
  • Engage humans as approvers, reviewers and for advanced tasks
  • Generate process analytics
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Inbuilt Case Management

  • Inbuilt ticketing system – affordable and powerful
  • Configurable for team’s needs
  • Bot based natural language interface for users
  • Analytics and SLA reporting
  • Multi team support
  • Support subtickets
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Seamless Live Chat

  • Seamless transition from BOT to Human
  • Full support for human agents taking over conversation
  • Configurable triggers for escalation to human
  • Agent receives full context
  • Multiple agent routing support
  • Agent performance analytics
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Industrial Strength Security

  • Support for OpenID
  • Support for SAML
  • Pre-integrated with Azure-AD
  • Support for MFA
  • Granular level of User management
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Useful Insights

  • Visual easy to review analytics dashboard
  • Real time insights into information needs of users
  • Metrics on usage and engagement
  • Capture user feedback after every interaction
  • Advanced reporting and integration with external reporting available
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Mobile Enabled

  • Multiple channels of support – Web, mobile, SMS, Email
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
  • Power of knowledge and process automation on your phone
  • Natural language base interface
  • Support for messaging Apps like Microsoft Teams, Slack
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Enterprise Ready

  • Pre-integrated with leading ITSM, IT and HR Platforms
  • Azure Hosted in our SAAS model (Enterprise specific Azure hosting available)
  • Strong support for Microsoft platforms
  • Fully auditable
  • SOX and GDPR Compliant