Turbo Charge Your Customer Engagement with AI

Your customers want better support, when they need it, where they need it. Whether it is product questions, pricing information, service needs or something else – you want to help them quickly and efficiently.

Our AI-powered Virtual IT Assistant can change that and deliver

Of Tickets

3-5 minutesMinutes Saved Per Ticket By Capturing Right Information

50%Reduction In Rerouting Of Tickets.

Megan can help your customers

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Answer customer questions

Using inbuilt knowledgebase Megan can deliver highly personalized answers to all common user questions

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Helping solve their common issues

Leveraging powerful process orchestration capabilities

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Quickly connecting to the right human expert

Using inbuilt live agent chat or Ticketing platform

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Providing assistance when & where they need it

Available 24*7 in multiple channels

Megan is ready to assist through the lifecycle of their engagement



  • Educate customer on products and services
  • Help select the right product
  • Get customer started with buying process.


  • Reminder and follow up
  • Document generation and e-Sign
  • Step by step support
  • Escalations as needed


  • Help with simple tasks
  • Answer product questions
  • Engage human help

Megan is specialized for many industries

Retail Services :

Retail industry is going through a transformation thanks to the challenges posed by the online/e-commerce counterparts. An AI Driven approach will help retail industry compete on an equal footing regardless of the size of your company. Here is how Actionable Science can help


Customer focused sales virtual agent ( chatBot) to help customers make a buying decision.Customer service focused virtual agent to answer common customer queries about package delivery, return policy, product recall, service outage, enquiry about an existing issue etc.These virtual agents are integrated with CRM systems like Dynamics 365 or Salesforce.com


Paperless and quick employee onboarding and offboarding for store staff


Integrated employee helpdesk for IT Helpdesk, HR & Finance to significantly reduce your operating costs


Whether you are in home auto or life insurance – Megan can help your customers at many points of engagement.

Here are some of the use cases that we can help you with from customer perspective



  • Why insure?
  • Different kind of insurance
  • Coverage question
  • Agent vs direct buy
  • Coverage dates
  • In case of events, what to do


  • Getting the Quote in your inbox
  • Setting up appointments with agents
  • Setting up Medical appointments
  • Make payments
  • Generate leads in CRM


  • Make ongoing annual payments
  • Address change
  • Virtual buddy handholding during the claims process
  • Queries on notifications and next steps, set expectations

Banks/Credit Unions :

Your banking customers expect 24*7 support whether they need service on an existing product or want to acquire a new product. Megan can engage across the spectrum

  • Deposit Products – provide basic product information, explain features, show rates, monthly payment and affordability calculators, start an application or connect to a banker
  • Lending products – show rates, discuss product fit, assess eligibility, start an application
  • Small Business and Commercial Banking – discuss unique product requirements, explain differentiation, route to appropriate specialist quickly
  • Wealth Management – provide basic product information, Provide basic risk profiling, retirement calculations, connect to financial advisor at Brokerage or RIA
  • Servicing – Megan can also handle all common and repetitive servicing tasks across the various product families.


To be successful in Mortgage your business needs to generate leads fast and convert them into applications and loans quickly. Megan can help with all of this. Generate Leads –Megan can engage visitor to your website or social media site by answering product questions, showing rates, doing affordability and payment calculations and create leads in your CRM platform.

Leads to applications –After engaging the customer in initial conversation Megan can escalate to a loan officer quickly for time sensitive leads. Megan can also do email follow-ups and keep leads engaged after they leave your website. She can also issue pre-qual letters if needed. Application to loans – Megan can become the single point of contact for your customers during the application process. She can provide status, gather information and documents and provide other coordination between the customer and various entities.

Mortgage servicing: Many of the typical mortgage servicing request follow the 20-80 rule. Payment issues, address change, verification of mortgage, questions about escrow or payoff amount, Tax related information etc. are your typical issues and constitute a large chuck of daily interactions (and costs!). Let Megan help your customers with these questions delivering great service at a fantastic ROI.

Consulting & IT Services:

Consulting and IT Services’s industry’s most important resource is – people. Despite being a cliché – this is indeed true. Having a frictionless and empowered support is key to higher productivity, utilization and better top/bottom-line. However – silo-ed data, fragmented help-desks, dispersed information does not allow desired efficiency level.

Actionable Science understand this challenge. Our support begins with Employee onboarding, Our employee onboarding product brings the power of AI to give an outstanding experience and window into the new organization that the candidate is trying to join. Our product orchestrates this entire process seamlessly and handholds the new employee to ensure smooth joining – and helps with Day 1 productivity issues.



  • We can help create appropriate tickets to help provision user account, laptop, access cards etc. Once the employee is in the organization – the support continues, for HR, IT Helpdesk or other issues


  • All support may be provided by our state of the art mobile app. We can help assist in simple queries, simple tasks or complex orchestration. The power of the product can be unleashed in a progressive manner over a period of time.


  • Finally, we can assist in a great employee offboarding experience – ensuring that you have a great word-of-mouth about your employee satisfaction throughout the industry.

Megan has amazing out of the box features & strengths

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Advanced Knowledge Management System

Our twitter age, AI enabled KM system is unique and powerful and will help reduce Auto-resolution rate.

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In-Built Ticketing System

Highly configurable built-in ticketing system natively integrated with VA.

virtual assistant skills
Ability to Learn

Our virtual assistants can learn! A failed conversation is an opportunity them to learn.

virtual assistant skills
AI + Human model

AI and humans need to work together in harmony to resolve issues. Our virtual assistants are built with features like "escalation to humans" and "live chat" to make that happen.

virtual assistant skills
Sophisticated process automation

An process orchestration engine that can manage business processes across days, touching multiple teams and systems and making process autonomous.

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Inbuilt Case Management

Highly configurable case management is super easy for users and intelligent for support teams - saving time and money.

integration integration